ERASE Racism president talks implications of George Santos

By Yaw Bonsu

The Nassau County Republican Party, supported by the New York State GOP, is calling on U.S. Rep. George Santos, a Republican who won the 3rd Congressional District seat in November, to step down following a New York Times investigation that revealed Santos fabricated most his resume and much of his life story. On the third day of voting for House Speaker, Jan. 5, Santos appeared to flash a white power symbol when voting for Kevin McCarthy, a Republican who became speaker after the 15th round of voting, as reported in Newsday.

ERASE President Laura Harding was — and is — convinced that Santos did, in fact, display the white power OK symbol and issued a news released denouncing the act. Harding sat down Jan. 12 with Long Island Advocate editor and videographer Yaw Bonsu to discuss whether Santos should step down, his apparent white power gesture and more.