Hofstra students weigh in on A.I. technologies

A number of Hofstra University students said they worry that artificial intelligence may take away jobs within the near future, while others said it's too soon to tell, noting that humans will still be needed in the workplace. // Photo by Xiomara Trinidad Perez/Long Island Advocate

By Xiomara Trinidad Perez

As new services that use artificial intelligence (A.I.) arise, the use of such technology has become a hot topic for debate. Many have even started questioning how ethical the use of A.I. technology is and how it will impact the job market. According to a study done by MarketsandMarkets, the A.I. market is projected to reach $407 billion by 2027. 

The use of A.I. has especially been discussed on college campuses, as at least some students have used it to write their work. Students at Hofstra University recently shared with The Long Island Advocate their opinions on A.I. technology and its uses in school and the workplace, as well as their experiences with the technology.