Podcast: Que Pasa, Long Island? Coming to America

150 Secataogue Ave., Farmingdale.

Editor’s note: Part two of five.

Que Pasa, Long Island?

Listen to Episode Two of the podcast here. 

Episode 2Yearning to Breathe Free: The Journey to Farmingdale

This episode’s theme focuses once more on the trauma the Secatogue Nine faced, but this time on their long journey to the United States. We hear firsthand about the many challenges that they experienced once they decided to leave their homes and families behind and traveled in precarious ways to the U.S. The residents of the housing complex at Secatogue Avenue involved in this long legal struggle were from Honduras, Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala, each facing unique circumstances back home and on their way to the U.S.

We also look at how they landed in Farmingdale, Long Island and found themselves slowly building a new life. And once in their new home, we see how they continued facing bigotry and marginalization. But we also highlight their own community’s efforts to combat this bigotry. The “Secatogue Nine” experience bouts of racism, discrimination and systemic backlash as they try to live peacefully in their new home. In spite of this bigotry, they and their supporters attempt to organize their community to challenge this discrimination. Specifically, they confront the Village of Farmingdale administration and racist residents on day laborer and housing issues. Things take a turn for the worse, however, when the landlord of 150 Secatogue Ave. ignores serious issues in the building.