Threats to U.S. democracy abound in today’s politics

In its election eve broadcast, WRHU's "Morning Wake-Up Call" explored the many threats to American democracy. Above, the U.S. Capitol in late October. // Photo by Scott Brinton/Long Island Advocate

The day before the midterm election, the mantra of mainstream media outlets sounded like this: Republicans will most likely take the House of Representatives, and the Senate is more of a toss-up. Regardless of the results of the midterms (that are still coming in), there is no doubt the U.S. is heading for challenging times with a tense political climate and a barrage of threats to our democratic principles. On the Monday “Morning Wake-Up Call” on 88.7 FM WRHU before the election, show hosts Danny DeCrescenzo and Amelia Sack welcomed a panel with Hofstra faculty Dr. Alan J. Singer, Dr. Tomeka Robinson and Dr. Mary Anne Trasciatti to analyze the campaign season and the state of our democracy.